About Barbara

Welcome to Babyboomerdiaries! This is my first venture into blogdom, so I hope you will be patient and bear with me.  Like many of us, I struggle with getting older. After all, we live in a youth-oriented culture. The wrinkle cream industry makes billions of dollars a year.

I grew up in the sixties. For years my mom wouldn’t tell us her real age. For years she was 39, until, my brother reached that. I remember my cousin planning a surprise party for my aunt’s 60th birthday.  Echoing in my memory, even today, I can still hear my dad wonder why that might be cause for celebration. As my old shrink once said, ‘what’s the alternative?’

Now I’m 60, yikes! That seems so OLD.  Though really, it’s just a number. Sure my sight and hearing have deteriorated. My body is sagging. My face has  wrinkles. Those are facts; however, that is not representative of who I am. Age has not diminished my sense of adventure or quest for knowledge. Other cultures respect and admire their older folks. Maybe it’s time our youth-centered media do the same. Recognize us for our accomplishments, for the wisdom that comes with age.  After all, we’re all on the same path. To rehash an old cliché…life really is about the journey’.

While waiting for my son at our local library earlier today, I perused a local magazine geared toward seniors. The magazine’s name, ‘Act 3’, struck a chord in me.  I am entering my third act. Without the cloak of my profession, I grapple with loss of identity. It’s time to foster a new one, or to at least build on the solid foundation already laid out. It’s time to access my more creative side. Oh the possibilities! Like an unfinished canvas yet to be revealed. So I intend to go through Act 3 with as much grace, humor, and dignity as I can muster.

Truthfully, I count my blessings every day! We live in a time and culture which allows me to direct my own life. Today especially, with the internet at our fingertips it is so easy to rebrand ourselves. People are doing it all the time. I’m hoping to ‘reinvent’ myself as a writer, particularly a travel writer. At least this blog will motivate me put those words on paper.

A little about me….I am behavioral health professional(Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker).  Over the years I’ve been privileged to work with people of diverse cultures in a variety of settings. Now it’s time for a change.  As I social worker, I like to help people be the best they can be. Strength-based, I embrace people’s fortes. I’m hoping that my thoughts and experiences might inspire others….whether I’m writing about travel, family, retirement, or life transitions.

I have a beautiful family. While most women my age are empty nesters, I tend to do things ‘arse backwards’, for lack of a better term. Twelve years ago, my husband, Tom, and I decided to adopt two boys from Russia. So I still have a teen at home. Sometimes I have to wonder “What was I thinking”.  That’s a story for another day. Seriously, though, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I just wish I could go back and change some things. Ah…if only I knew then what I know now….

Well, we can’t change the past, but we can look toward changing what we do in the future. Onto a new chapter. I’ve always loved traveling, history, nature, and learning about different cultures. I’m hoping to mesh that with travel writing. Baby steps for baby boomers…one day at a time.

Change can open up a world of possibilities, but it can be scary. Sometimes it’s easier to be stuck in the rut of what we know, even if we’re bursting at the seams to expand our horizons. I’m akin to a sloth when I embark on change. I’m finally doing it. Jumping out of that plane…just praying that the parachute holds!